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Kevin Kelly Senior Managing Director
Kevin Kelly Senior Managing Director

From a young age, I'd ask my dad questions like what makes a stock go up.

In high school, I was ghost writing for a financial columnist. I also wrote on my own for other online financial publications. I didn't tell them my age.

To be effective and have an impact, you need to have conviction.

Long-term investing is humbling because you realize that predicting things is hard. With the benefit of hindsight, the last fifty years seems obvious, but then you sit here and try to project the next fifty years and it's really hard.

A lot of things that seem anecdotal, put together, result in insights for our portfolio.

There's all of these anecdotes about Warren Buffett. He bought a Rolls Royce and his friend chauffeured people around. And they split the profits. Sometimes I wonder if in 30 years I’ll have these anecdotes.

People spend their time consuming information written by people on a deadline. But they don't have time to read books. That’s one of the things I've tried to stay disciplined on.

There’s a certain level of intellectual humility that you have to develop. Even the best investors are wrong a third of the time.