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Martha Rose General Counsel and CCO
Martha Rose General Counsel and CCO

I handle compliance, pure deal work, and everything in between. I see my job as making sure everything runs smoothly so our investors get the best possible terms.

My parents are both journalists. I think growing up in a household where we talked about everything gave me an innate curiosity and desire to understand.

My work at Heritage is incredibly diverse. The questions are never the same—and sometimes, they are really weird.

I got a biology degree before I went to law school. People always ask if I wanted to be a doctor, but I just thought the science was interesting.

My first in-house job was a sea change for me. I was suddenly part of on-the-ground business decisions, and I was more empowered to align incentives. I saw my work through a new lens.

I think deals are about maximizing benefits, not winning or losing. I want people working together, not trying to score points on the other side.

Our partners are the focus of every decision. Making things happen for them is the best part of my job.

I measure my success in terms of the problems we don’t have.

My husband and I have a mantra: Experiences over stuff. We try to take interesting trips every year, and we love to hike and camp.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a lot of fun. There’s nothing like standing on a mountain, staring out over the clouds, to make you realize how small you are.

Being open to possibilities is in Sequoia’s DNA. I like that we ask questions and think critically. We don’t take things at face value.